The LNG Handbook

The US Department of Energy recently released a handbook which is designed to provide insight on the benefits African countries can derive from the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) resources on the continent, a number of African contributors had a hand in the compilation of this booklet. LNG exports are an important compound for economic growth in African countries. Natural gas and LNG development can enable economic development and stimulate further investment in national […]

A Trademarked Logo

SAGA has a list of members varying from Manufacturers, Importers and Providers of methane-based gas, Distributors and Equipment installers or repairers. Our members will be pleased to know that the SAGA logo has been officially trademarked! This is great news for the association and those affiliated with it. However, what does this mean? A trademark is a distinctive mark or symbol to which a company has declared ownership over. A registered trademark, however, is when […]

PER Guidance Notes

The new version of the Guidance Notes to the PER Revision 2 was published on 17 November 2017, which introduces significant changes: Definitions and Guidance Notes (GN) to the effect… certificate GN “(a) For Regulation 17 a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) is issued by a Gas Practitioner that certifies that the gas installation and pressure equipment conforms to the PER. Where the gas practitioner is also the manufacturer only one certificate is required.” GN “(b) certificate […]