Natural Gas fired boiler

The South African Breweries (SAB) between 2012 and 2013 commenced a program that was aimed to reduce its carbon foot and emission. The Main objective was to cease the use of coal fired boilers. The SAB substituted their coal fired boilers by installing two new Natural Gas fired boilers and converting two coal Fired Boiler to Natural Gas with energy savings of 13-32%. Why natural gas? Natural Gas is one of the least contaminated fuels […]

10 Years in Safety

The Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who attended SAGA’s 10 year anniversary celebration. Held last week Friday, at the Barnyard Cresta, the event was attended by SAGA Members, Industry specialists and the SAGA team. Roy Lubbe, Chairman of SAGA, opened the celebration with a reflection on the progress of SAGA and its growing role within the gas industry. While turning attention to the economic potential […]


The Safety and Technical Advisory Council (STAC) was established on the 20th September 2016, this body serves as a transparent, non- biased, non-competitive advisory council that gives insight on Safety and Technical queries for the Methane Based Gas Industry. The Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) governs STAC, as it was established under its umbrella as an advisory body that reports directly to SAGA. STAC’s objective is to render insight to the Methane Gas based Industry […]