Membership List


Boiler & Industrial Plant

Sell, install, service, repair and manufacture and deal in heating and allied equipment.

Combustion Technology

Exclusive Southern African distributor of Riello Burners, Limpsfield Burners, BONO and Unical Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Autoflame Combustion Management Systems.

Energas Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Supplier of equipment for the Natural Gas Industry, including valves, filters, regulators, meters and relief valves.

The Combustion Group (Pty) Ltd

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Distributors, Installation Contractors and Project Managers for the design, sales, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of Combustion and Industrial Thermal Plant and related equipment.

Channel Partner for Honeywell and Baker Hughes, a GE Company.

Virtual Gas Networks

Supplies Natural Gas in Compressed Natural Gas form (to hold more volume) via special tubes transported on trailers.


Combustion Group Projects (Pty) Ltd

Manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors, installation contractors and project managers for the servicing and maintenance of combustion and industrial thermal plants.

Egoli Gas

Natural gas reticulator based in Johannesburg and servicing more than 7 500 domestic, central water heating, commercial and industrial businesses in the Johannesburg area and offers environmentally-friendly, safe, reliable and energy-efficient natural gas.

Entechgaz Energy & Combustion (Pty) Ltd

Entechgaz is a Combustion Energy Company, supplying the industrial and manufacturing sectors with a wide range of burners, gas trains, boilers, industrial heater applications, burner management system equipment and thermal imaging services.

John Thompson

Principal focus on being the best boiler and environmental solutions company serving the power generation and industrial markets, both locally and internationally.

Pipeline Erectors KZN & MPG Projects

We have two disciplines joined together by a common goal. Pipeline Erectors KZN specialises in piping fabrication and mechanical engineering. MPG Projects specialises in building and civil works.

Saacke South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Specialist for combustion burners and associated controls, quality monitoring and equipment.

Talec Combustion Company

Provider of Thermo-Processing equipment, solutions and suppliers of Combustion Industry.


African Gas Equipment

We established this company to form a base from where we can offer products and services to the African Gas Industry.

These products and services will be supported with competent, qualified and service oriented staff.

Benny Combustion (Pty) Ltd

Benny Combustion is one of the fast growing Combustion company in SA, a 100% Black owned entity without restrictions on business activities. A specialist in gas burner, oil burner installation and maintenance.

BSI Boiler & Steam Installations

We are registered with the Department of Labour, SAQCC Gas and SAIW, and are manufacturers of Natural Gas Fired Boilers and Oil Fired Boilers. We also supply and install a variety of Boilers and related systems.

Combustion & Gas Burner Services

Design, manufacture, supply, install & service of industrial:

  • Combustion Systems
  • Ovens
  • Furnaces
  • Control Systems
  • Thermo Processing Equipment
Combustion and Heating Systems CC

Supply, install, maintain all types of gas and oil burners, gas appliances, steam boilers, hot water boilers and gas pipelines.

CST29 (Pty) Ltd

Specialised services of hot tapping, line stopping, cold cutting, valve management, flange facing, fabrication and design.

Flamerite Engineering CC

Sales and maintenance of Industrial Oil and Gas fired heating systems and equipment.

Gastech Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Over 20 years’ experience on Thermo Industrial equipment and energy saving projects. Turn-key Solutions, design, fabrication installation and certification to SANS and ASME design codes. Gastech offers greener energy, piped Natural Gas and CNG with direct sales from Novo Energy. Gastech provides the following equipment:

  • State of the art combustion high efficiency Thermo Industrial equipment;
  • Industrial package and process burners;
  • Burner Management systems with CO and 02 Trim. (including high boiler efficiencies up to 96% on 3 pass wet back ATTSU Boilers).

Gastech offers high efficiency Co-Gen solutions, gas to electricity with steam or process heat as well as coal to gas conversions. Gastech is a supplier of zero energy pressure reducing stations on CNG and LNG applications. (Vortex Technology). Gastech offers Zero Capex options on all energy saving projects.

Independent Minds 107 (Pty) Ltd 031 468 5544

Fabrication, welding and installation of mild steel pipelines for water and gas supply, including pressure testing. Fabrication of spool specials and other steel structures.

Innovative Industries

Vessel & Piping fabricator for gas producers i.e. Sapref, Afrox, Air Liquid etc.


Provides a proven and eco-friendly energy source that is cleaner and more cost-effective than petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). NGV Gas sets up Compressed Natural Gas filling stations for private and public transport, as well as in-house filling stations for large companies.

Novo Energy

To be the leading supplier of sustainable, alternative and renewable natural gas solutions, adding value to stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Process Control & Integration

We are a leading industrial automation company based in South Africa. Our main focus is to provide in house expertise to develop and program end user process control requirements.


Offers a full range of engineering services encompassing electrical engineering, instrumentation and control, and E&I project management and implementation. Specific focus on SANS 329 conversions for heavy industry.

RBI Tech

Our services include EIA and town planning management, risk based inspections and we are a solution provider to the petrochemical, cellular, paper and pulp, power generation and other similar industries. RBI Technical Solutions International provides the service of an independent Authorized Inspection Authority (AIA) for Electrical Installations, Pressure Equipment and structures appointed by a specific client and is used in the global industry to ensure quality assurance and quality control for new fabrication, in-service inspections, repairs, modifications and manufacture of pressure vessel, boilers, pipe lines, structures, masts, GSM towers, storage tanks and / or any other components that is ordered or integrity evaluations required by a client conforming to specified legal, act, specification, regulation and / or code requirements

Spring Lights Gas (Pty) Ltd

Supply piped gas in the South Durban region.

Steam Generation Africa (Pty) Ltd

Steam Generation Africa (Pty) Ltd together with our world renown partners, design, manufacture, install, maintain and supply spare parts for coal, oil, gas, biomass, heat recovery and immersed element steam boilers with steam outputs ranging from 50Kg/hour to 40 000Kg/hour.

Syam Distributors CC

We are manufacturers and distributors of LPG and NG appliances. We also carry-out LPG Gas installations.

The Combustion Experts

Suppliers of Industrial burner equipment.

The Dryden Combustion Company

Suppliers of gas fired boilers and burners. Sales of reconditioned and new boilers. Sale of boiler spares, services and repairs of boilers. Sewerage treatment equipment.

Vicotec Engineering (Pty) Ltd 016 986 0575

We render Project Management, Engineering and Construction services within the fields of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as well as Control Systems and Instrumentation. We also offer a Mechanical Division for Natural Gas.

Weishaupt (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd

Sales and service of Weishaupt oil-gas and dual fired burners in Africa.


African Measurement Institute 082 554 1780

African Measurement Institute (AMI) is focused on calibration and verification of gas meters that are used for custody transfer and check meters.

Ayogas (Pty) Ltd

Domestic, commercial and industrial gas installations for LPG, Natural Gas and Compressed Gases.

Blueflame Combustion

Sales of Combustion Equipment, Gas line installations and pressure testing, Combustion system panels and the servicing of all types of burners and gas trains.

Engineered Thermal Systems (Pty) Ltd

Engineering company operating in the Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Thermal Processing industries.

Explochem (Pty) Ltd

Explochem is an environmental engineering company, focused on providing combustion related equipment to the petrochemical and chemical industry. Also provides industry effluent treatment technology and processes.


Leading manufacturer of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for commercial and industrial applications throughout the world.

Fueltec CC 086 138 3583

Design, tendering, construction, erection, installation and commissioning of various fuel and gas installations.

Gasline Consultants and Installers Group

We do domestic and commercial natural gas installations in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area, from single appliance installations to complete multiple dwelling/complex gas installations.

We are registered gas auditors that do gas inspections and project certification for insurance and property transfer purposes.

H and G Metal Works (Pty) Ltd

H & G Metal works provides services in the field of engineering design, pipe fitting, mechanical installation, steel fabrication and erection through.

Heaton Valves Africa (Pty) Ltd

Providing a first-class stockholding, distribution and project management service to the oil, petrochemical, process and associated industries.  Obtained the sole local distribution for TLV Steam equipment as well as Leser Safety Relief Valves in 2000.

Henley Gas 011 824 4404

Engineering, design, construction, commissioning and maintenance on transmission, distribution and reticulation systems.

High Speed Gas

Domestic & Commercial Installations. Sales of gas appliances. Maintenance to appliances & gas systems.

Hive Group 082 558 5457

Leading supplier of Industrial Gas & Oil Burners, Control Systems and Safety Equipment. Company provides full turnkey products.

JC Ross 082 651 7077

Consulting on Combustion and Instrumentation Equipment and Systems.

Johnike Combustion & Electrical CC

Diverse range of projects, full turnkey projects, burner upgrades, repairs with special emphasis placed on a high level of customer liaison.

Kuhn & Reihnardt 031 759 4422

Mechanical contractors specialising in welded pipework with coded welders. Factory reticulation piping, industrial and commercial gas installations, steam, HFO etc.

MedCraft Tech

Source, manufacture, supply, install and maintain high quality gas equipment, pipelines and related activities

Professional Gas Piping Services

Advisory consultant to gas pipeline designs, compliance audits against installation standards and project management.

Single Destination Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Key player in the national market in the design and engineering of energy projects and high resilience electrical installations, specifically in the field of data and call centre type developments.

SJW Industrial Maintenance (Pty) Ltd 084 423 2406

Burning Servicing. New burner installations and repairs.

The Combustion Group KZN (Pty) Ltd

Supply of Combustion systems and system design, multi-fuel burners, burner supervision, turnkey installations and Commissioning, Service and maintenance, Safety Audits and energy management