SAGA Covid 19 Virus Communication and way forward

SAGA would like to announce that in-light of the Covid 19 National Disaster announcement made by the President of South Africa, certain precautionary measures are being put into place to safeguard the health of the Association’s staff as well as those visiting SAGA premises.   Considering the announcement, kindly take note of the following:   In order to limit the spread of the Covid 19 virus, the Association is advising all members, gas practitioners and Industry Stakeholders to […]

Generators vs. Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER)

The generator engine is excluded from the PER but not the combustion system part thereof. The internal combustion engine and all its mechanical parts is excluded from the PER The complete gas supply and gas fueling system with its safety and control system is regulated by the PER and will require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).   Stationery gas engines will require a CoC. The source type and applicable safety standards will determine the type of […]

The Safe operation of Gas systems

South Africa has experienced commercial and industrial gas-related incident reporting fires and explosions costing domestic, commercial and industrial facilities millions of Rands. However, these statistics say nothing of numerous other smaller events that occur and go unrecorded, such as boiler fires, process oven failures, piping ruptures, non-conforming installation, and non-suited/non approved equipment amongst others. These have been the cause of unpublicised damages and injuries. Unfortunately, action is often only taken on these issues after some […]