What is the SGES and what’s its role within the industry?

The Safe Gas Equipment Scheme (SGES) has been established via a mandate from the Department of Labour to register natural gas and LPG industrial equipment for complying with local and international safety standards. (Refer Pressure Equipment Regulation (PER), R734, 15July ’09 Regulation 5(3)). All industrial equipment operating above 0.5 GJ/h or 10 kg/h (LPG) or 140 kW which is registered through the Safer Gas Equipment Scheme (SGES). The Scheme ensures to users that the equipment installed complies with the required health and safety standard, is fit for purpose and is safe. SAGA will also be partnering with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), Customs and the South African Revenue Service (SARS in enforcing the Scheme.

Has SAGA created safety and technical bullets to ensure safe gas handling?

Yes. On an ongoing basis and as the need arises bulletins are formalised and shared with industry stakeholders and placed on SAGA website.

Why is it important to be issued with a CoC?

Receiving a Gas Certificate of Conformity (CoC) assures to the User that;

  • the gas practitioner is appropriately registered,
  • the work completed has been tested and is proven to be safe,
  • only registered appliances/equipment used for all installations,
  • the work complies with the requirements of South African legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Pressure Equipment Regulations and respective South African National Standards,
  • the gas practitioner has officially informed you of any existing safety procedures or concerns with your installation,
  • you have met your legal obligation to own a safe installation and have a permanent legal record for the job done.

What is STAC and why does it exists?

The Safety and Technical Advisory Council (STAC) is a body that serves as a transparent, non- biased, non-competitive advisory council giving insight on Safety and Technical aspects within the Methane Based Gas Industry. SAGA governs STAC as it was established under its umbrella as an advisory body. All persons or organisations involved in the Methane Based Industry are encouraged to participate and to engage with STAC to strengthen its positioning within the Industry.

How do I report unsafe gas installations?

If you suspect someone is working on gas installation without a valid gas licence or doing work of an unsafe nature or non-conforming to safety requirements, please report it to SAGA at care@sagas.co.za.