Technical Bulletin 3 OF 2013 – Duties of a Gas Practitioner

Definitions/acronyms as per PER:

“Authorised person” means a person who is registered as competent gas practitioner  within the scope of work, in the Gas Industry, to be known as Gas Practitioner
“CoC” Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
“AIA” Approved Inspection Authority
“PER”  Pressure Equipment Regulations, No.:734 dated 15 July 2009

“Authorised person”         means a person who is registered as competent gas practitioner  within the scope of work, in the Gas                                                                     Industry, to be known as Gas Practitioner

“CoC”                                     Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

“AIA”                                      Approved Inspection Authority

“PER”                                    Pressure Equipment Regulations, No.:734 dated 15 July 2009

Is registered as an authorised person and can operate within the scope of registration as issued by the SAQCC Gas.

All pressure equipment obtained from an importer and or supplier for end use in South Africa will comply with the requirements of the PER and as such;

  • Pressure equipment has a permit, issued by the designer, manufacturer, importer, supplier, designer, modifier or repairer including a verification signature by an AIA, if required, which certifies that the pressure equipment has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant health and safety standard incorporated into these Regulations under section 44 of the Act; 
  • A SAPGA Safe Gas Equipment Scheme (SGES) permit has been issued for equipment verified against the PER and relevant OHS standards

Ensure the pressure equipment is installed and operated within its design and operating parameters on commissioning and that all prescribed information pertaining to the equipment and installation is provided to the User.

After installation, repair or maintenance and before commissioning of a gas system the gas practitioner will ensure that a SAPGA Pressure Test Certificate.

A gas practitioner shall only issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) to the User for

  • Pressure equipment or gas reticulation systems with a pressure below 200kPa and SEP and Category 1 as per SANS347, or
  • Category 2 and higher equipment once verified and counter signed by an AIA on the CoC issued by the gas practitioner and/or provide a separate CoC according to SANS 347 where applicable. Also, ensure the pressure equipment has a certificate issued by an AIA before commissioning

Compiling a Certificate of Conformity

Purpose        To compile a Natural Gas and Equipment Handover Certificate for the following installations:  domestic, commercial & industrial

Objective      To complete all relevant fields pertaining to the specific job at hand.

References  Pressure Equipment Regulations No:. R735 dated 15 July 2009


  • End User – An individual or business that requested the assistance of a registered gas practitioner for a gas installation. End User = Customer
  • Gas Practitioner – A person who is registered as competent within his scope of work
  • SGES – Safe Gas Equipment Scheme
  • Instruction handbook – Deal with a control philosophy of the system, start-up, operation, normal shutdown and emergency shutdown of the system
  • Pressure Test Certificate – issued after the completion of a gas installation, modification, alteration or change of user or owner
  • AIA – Approved Inspector Authority
  • CoC  –  Certificate of Conformance


Request for gas installation End User
Installation done as per End user requirement  Gas Practitioner
Pressure Test Certificate Gas Practitioner
Handover documents and other reports Gas Practitioner
Issue of CoC Gas Practitioner
Customer Acceptance End User

Key Controls          

  1. All customer details to be completed
  2. Customer acceptance or approval signature to be on CoC
  3. Work performed to be clearly noted
  4. Instruction Handbook/Manual and Pressure Test Certificate handed over to customer
  5. Permits relating to installed equipment/appliance to be recorded on CoC and or attached
  6. The Gas Practitioners signature and company details to be on CoC and Gas Practitioner are not permitted to sign on behalf of the end user.
  7. Incomplete CoC will be deemed invalid and could be taken as improper workmanship, un safe practices which could lead to disciplinary action and or further civil prosecution

Process Capabilities

  • People  –  Gas Practitioner competent and skilled in the knowledge of applicable standard(s)
  • Practices  –  Applicable safety and technical standards / Conforms to PER especially Reg 17(2) and 17(3) / SAPGA: Technical Regulation 1 of 2006 – Practitioner Registration / SAQCC Code of Good Practice for Gas Practitioner

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