What went wrong with these installations?

Installation Review #1

Refer to of SANS827 standard  Where pipelines are to be buried, all pipes shall be installed to a depth of at least 500 mm.  For pipelines that are buried, the backfill shall incorporate an approved means (for example, chevron tape placed about halfway between the pipe and the surface) to identify the existence of the pipe.  Buried pipelines paths shall be indicated on the building plan”

Installation Review #2

Refer to 5.2.3 (d) (1) of SANS827 standard HDPE pipes and fittings shall not be used above ground… however where a riser is used the mechanical joint shall be above ground with the riser section not being more than 3 times the diameter with a maximum height of 500 mm. Such risers shall be protected against ultraviolet radiation (UV).”

 Refer to 6.11.2 of SANS827 standard  Securing the riserthe riser from buried plastic piping shall be secured such that stress in the underground pipe is minimized.”

Installation Review #3

Water Ball Valves used for both these installations – Only SANS 50331/EN 331, Manually operated ball valves and closed bottom taper plug valves for gas
installations for buildings to be used on all gas installations.