SAGA and Piped Gas

Natural gas is a worldwide low emitting, affordable carbon fuel source. Within the Southern African context, natural gas is used in both domestic and industrial environments. Established in 2009, the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) was introduced in South Africa to the natural gas market with the expectation that this regulation will ensure safety of use and good practice. PER regulates natural gas and this regulation requires all equipment to be verified by a designated institution. […]

Values in Piped Gas

With the availability of natural gas in countries such as Mozambique and Namibia, coupled with the discovery of offshore gas reserves in Mozambique and South Africa, the piped gas industry in Southern Africa is undergoing rapid expansion. In November 2015 Rompco, a joint venture between Sasol, Companhia Mocambicana de Gasoduto and South African Gas Development Company announced a plan to expand 865km gas pipeline into South Africa*. This expansion has since been completed and recently Sasol […]