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Ensuring all persons working in the methane-based environment are competent to undertake work which complies with the relevant legislation and national health and safety standards in order to provide safe and efficient operations from point of supply to users in the domestic, commercial and industrial markets within Southern Africa. Covers Industrial Thermoprocessing, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Biogas, and Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)….(more)

Safe Operation of Gas Systems – Cape Business News

South Africa has experienced gas-related incidents reporting fires and explosionscosting domestic, commercial and industrial facilities millions of Rands. However, thesestatistics say nothing of numerous other smaller events that occur and go unrecorded,such as boiler fires, process oven failures, piping ruptures, non-conforming installations,and non-suited/non approved equipment amongst others. These have been the causeof unpublicised damages and injuries. Unfortunately, action is often only taken on theseissues after some large and tragic event occurs. (Read more…)