SAGA Covid 19 Virus Communication and way forward

SAGA would like to announce that in-light of the Covid 19 National Disaster announcement made by the President of South Africa, certain precautionary measures are being put into place to safeguard the health of the Association’s staff as well as those visiting SAGA premises.   Considering the announcement, kindly take note of the following:   In order to limit the spread of the Covid 19 virus, the Association is advising all members, gas practitioners and Industry Stakeholders to […]

Internal combustion engines vs. Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER)

Engines, including turbines and internal combustion engines are excluded from the PER but not the connected fuel gas system Pre 2009, a CoC was not required for a gas generator. Post 2009, a CoC is required for fuel gas systems used in internal combustion engines. The complete fuel gas system with its safety and pressure accessories including control system is regulated by the PER and will require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). The fuel source and applicable […]