Change of Ownership – Domestic & Commercial Gas Systems

When ensuring conformity for the transfer of a property there are definitely a few challenges in dealing with all stakeholder’s best interests. A CoC is needed to verify that the gas system(s) in a residential or commercial property conforms with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Pressure Equipment Regulations…  [more]

Local or International Standards – SABS vs Associations Equipment/Appliance Schemes

There are two schemes regulated by mandate from the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) verifying appliances and equipment. The LPGSA verifies appliances under the threshold of 500MJ/h, 10Kg/h and 140 kW. SAGA verifies equipment above this threshold. In brief LPGSA verifies domestic and selective commercial appliances while SAGA verifies Industrial and selective commercial equipment. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) exists between the two associations to ensure both operate in a same or similar manner. […]

Safety Bulletin 1

Using Registered Gas Practitioners and Issuing of Certificates of Conformity (CoC’s) for Natural Gas Installations Never do gas work on piping, or appliances or equipment yourself, always use a registered Gas Practitioner. Unregistered gas work is illegal and can be extremely dangerous resulting in serious injury or even death. Registered Gas Practitioners have the necessary experience, competency, equipment and system knowledge to do the necessary work safely. Insurance companies may not cover fire or public […]