Application Forms

Please select one of the below-listed application forms:

Would you like to updated your personal details? Application to update Personal Details

First time application forms for Gas Practitioner:

For first time Domestic/Commercial registration, click here: Domestic/Commercial First Time Registration

For first time Industrial registration, click here: Industrial First Time Registration

For NGV/CNG first time registration, click here: NGV/CNG First Time Registration

For Specialised Practitioner first time registration, click here: Specialised Practitioner First Time Registration

Re-Registration application forms:

To re-register under Domestic/Commercial, click here: Domestic/Commercial Re-Registration

Industrial re-registration, click here: Industrial Re-Registration

To re-register under NGV / CNG, click here: NGV / CNG Re-Registration

Specialised Practitioner re-registration, click here: Specialised Practitioner Re-Registration

Application for Membership (PDF)