Gas Practitioner

Persons working in one or more of the areas listed below in the domestic, commercial, industrial or specialised areas could qualify to be registered as a gas practitioner. (Refer: Drawing)

It is important to note that the Department of Employment and Labour expects the Gas Industry to report unregistered gas practitioners and sub-standard installations. The industry needs to ensure competent practitioners including the safe installation and application of its equipment and product.

Make sure you comply with all practitioner and equipment requirements within the statutory framework.

If you would like to report an unregistered gas practitioner or sub-standard installations click here.

Registration Categories for Gas Practitioners, skills that align with Registration requirements – based on the applicable Category engage with SAGA Office for the ‘Scope and Competency’ Policy on pre-requisites and qualification aspects.

  • Natural Gas – after meter connection 
    House / Flat 
  • BiogasProduction, Storage and
    Gas Treatment
  • Natural Gas  – after meter connection 
    Restaurants / Multi-dwellings / Hotel / Hospitals 
  • Biogas  – Compression Biogas Cylinder
    Restaurants / Multi-dwellings / Hotel
    / Hospitals 
  • BiogasProduction and storage / treatment, compression and storage (PRS)
  • CNG/LNG – CNG trailer, LNG tanker, storage and gasification up to PRS
  • Natural Gas (CNG/LNG)
  • Biogas
  • Liquid Fuels 
  • LP GasAfter Meter Station / PRS / Gasification / Fuel Tank / Oil Heater connected to reticulation line incl. TPE gas train and burner system
  • Natural Gas – Sasol / Egoli Gas / Transnet / SLG Distribution / Reticulation pipeline
  • CNG / LNGBiFuel (carburetors, fuel injection) and Dual Fuel, OEM and Specialised (Dedicated) systems
  • CNG / LNGFuelling: Compression, Storage, Dispensing
    Daughter Station: Transportation, Storage, Booster, Storage and Dispensing 
  • LNG – Liquefaction, Storage, Compression and Distribution 
  • CNG Production of CNG via Compression, Storage and Distribution

NOTE: All gas systems within the various registration categories, need to conform to the PER, SANS 347 and applicable Health and Safety standards

To be registered as an Authorised Person (Gas Practitioner)

Under the requirements of the” Occupational Health and Safety Act – No. 85 of 1993″ – Sections 43 and 44, and “Pressure Equipment Regulations, R 734, 15 Jul 09” as follows:

Regulation 1: (Def) “Authorised Person” means…
a person who is registered as competent within the scope of work for which an organisation [SAQCC Gas] approved by the chief inspector has registered that person

Regulation 17: Gas reticulation equipment and systems:

(1) No person shall

(a) handle, store or distribute any gas in any manner which includes the filling of a container, other than in accordance with the relevant health and safety standard incorporated into these Regulations under section 44 of the Act;

(b) install or remove an appliance, pressure equipment or system for gas in any manner other than in accordance with the relevant safety standard incorporated into these Regulations under section 44 of the Act; 

(c) install or remove a gas appliance, or a gas system or a gas reticulation system, unless such person is an authorised person; or

(d) use pressure equipment or systems for gas in a manner other than in accordance with the relevant safety standard incorporated into these regulations under section 44 of the Act.

(2) After installation or re-installation, and before commissioning a gas system, the user shall ensure that an external inspection and a leak test are performed by an authorised person or an approved inspection authority as applicable in terms of sub regulation (1 )(c).

(3) An authorised person or an approved inspection authority shall issue a certificate of conformity after completion of a gas installation. modification. alteration or change of user or ownership…

The Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) via the South African Qualifications and Certifications Committee for Gas (SAQCC-Gas) has a mandate from the Department of Employment and Labour to be involved in the development and setting of standards, assessments, training and recommending qualified and competent persons in the pipeline gas industry.

The application form should be completed as comprehensively as possible, in order for SAGA to assess and recommend to the SAQCC-Gas to issue such registration in accordance with the requirements of the Chief Inspector of the Department of Employment and Labour.

Application for Gas Practitioner Registration or Update your details – engage with the SAGA Office ( as to the correct application process and way forward