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Novo Energy

Work 18 Kyalami Boulevard Kyalami Business Park Gauteng 1682 Cell Phone: 0711678603 Website:
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NOVO ENERGY (Pty) Ltd (“NOVO”) is a South African Energy and Technology Company, which has established partnerships with leading international companies that supply alternative fuel technologies and services.  This was born out of a need to offer cleaner and more affordable industrial and transportation fuel for the South African market. NOVO is active in Sub-Saharan African countries and provides a turnkey solution.

NOVO is an integrated natural gas company specialising in delivering comprehensive fuel solutions to vehicular, industrial, commercial and residential customers by making use of compressed natural gas (“CNG”) technology and pipelines.  NOVO’s activities include the sourcing of gas from conventional suppliers (pipelines) or the development of its own alternative or unconventional methane sources (biogas sources, coal bed methane and unconventional biogenic) through the cleaning, compression and distribution of the gas.  

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