PER Guidance Notes

The new version of the Guidance Notes to the PER Revision 2 was published on 17 November 2017, which introduces significant changes: Definitions and Guidance Notes (GN) to the effect… certificate GN “(a) For Regulation 17 a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) is issued by a Gas Practitioner that certifies that the gas installation and pressure equipment conforms to the PER. Where the gas practitioner is also the manufacturer only one certificate is required.” GN “(b) certificate […]

Gas Affordability

Published by Engineering News on behalf of SAGA: Apart from natural gas being a low carbon-dioxide-emitting, affordable carbon fuel source used globally, within the Southern African context, natural gas is used in domestic, commercial, industrial and specialised environments owing to the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PERs) established to ensure safety and good practice, states safety and efficient use of methane-based-gas promoter the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA). Established in South Africa in 2009, the PERs regulate natural […]