The SADC Combustion Seminar

The Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) will be hosting the SADC Combustion Seminar which will address a variety of technical aspects of combustion and fuel handling systems. This 2-day seminar will be held on the 09th – 10th October 2019 at the CSIR International Convention Centre. The seminar will cover a wide range of combustion themed discussions and talks, ranging from Fuel Management, Energy Efficiencies, future CNG & LNG Applications, Burner Management Systems and Process […]

The Safe operation of Gas systems

South Africa has experienced commercial and industrial gas-related incident reporting fires and explosions costing domestic, commercial and industrial facilities millions of Rands. However, these statistics say nothing of numerous other smaller events that occur and go unrecorded, such as boiler fires, process oven failures, piping ruptures, non-conforming installation, and non-suited/non approved equipment amongst others. These have been the cause of unpublicised damages and injuries. Unfortunately, action is often only taken on these issues after some […]