Combustion can be simply explained as a controlled explosion created for a specific use. However, like any other explosion, it can be hazardous if not properly monitored. The amount of heat above the ignition temperature should be efficient for impact, therefore the excessive heat temperatures and energy created should be closely monitored. Risk Analysis is an important management tool that aids in assessing the overall safety performance of a chemical process and specific hazardous substance […]

Basics of combustion

Combustion takes place when gas, liquid, biomass or fossils react with oxygen in the air and create heat. The process requires three main elements, namely; fuel, oxygen and the source of ignition. Combustion can be likened to an explosion; however, this is a controlled explosion that takes place in a monitored space at a projected time. “There are three “T’s” for combustion, they are; Temperature, Turbulence and Time” the late Dr Tony Biddlestone Perfect combustion […]

Natural gas in KZN

The natural gas revolution continues: Commercial-scale supplies of compressed natural gas will soon be available to industry in KwaZulu-Natal, with gas supplier Virtual Gas Network (VGN), a division of CNG Holdings, currently setting up shop and targeting 2018 for the first natural gas deliveries. More cost-effective, cleaner and safer than diesel, petrol, paraffin and LPG fuels, converting to natural gas is an opportunity for plants running boilers, ovens, dryers, smelters, kilns and furnaces to significantly […]