Notice: Gas work undertaken in the Domestic/Commercial Natural Gas environment

Should a unauthorised (non-registered) person be allowed to negotiate a contractual agreement with the user/client? There have been instances reported where, after concluding contractual agreements with the end user, the unauthorised person constructs the gas installation and thereafter obtains the services of  a registered Gas Practitioner to sign off. The concern raised here is that the public is generally ignorant and full of trust and engages unknowingly in such arrangements. How is the public/user in […]

Combustion Concept

Combustion is a planned and calculated explosion that is created for a specific use. It takes place in a monitored space at a projected time. The process requires three main elements, namely; fuel, oxygen and the source of ignition. Combustion reactions have a variety of uses including the burning of fuel that provides space heating or power for an automobile. Combustion of natural gas or propane could also provide heat that can be used for […]


Combustion can be simply explained as a controlled explosion created for a specific use. However, like any other explosion, it can be hazardous if not properly monitored. The amount of heat above the ignition temperature should be efficient for impact, therefore the excessive heat temperatures and energy created should be closely monitored. Risk Analysis is an important management tool that aids in assessing the overall safety performance of a chemical process and specific hazardous substance […]