The department of labour has mandated SAGA as the verifying Authority for Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas industrial equipment, all industrial equipment are expected to conform to the SANS 329 and 347 specifications which are used by SAGA to ensure all equipment supplied manufactured in  South Africa or Imported to South Africa is suitable for Gas usage. The Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) were put in place to ensure that all LPG intended equipment meets […]

The Natural Alternative

Since 1892, Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd, a member of the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA), has been proudly reticulating Natural gas to various markets. This environmentally friendly fossil fuel is extracted from decomposed plant and animal matter and serves as an effective and energy efficient source of energy that reduces pollution, aiding in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Egoli Gas is an authorised gas installer accredited to distribute piped natural gas within the GJM […]

Gas Affordability

Published by Engineering News on behalf of SAGA: Apart from natural gas being a low carbon-dioxide-emitting, affordable carbon fuel source used globally, within the Southern African context, natural gas is used in domestic, commercial, industrial and specialised environments owing to the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PERs) established to ensure safety and good practice, states safety and efficient use of methane-based-gas promoter the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA). Established in South Africa in 2009, the PERs regulate natural […]