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Using Registered Gas Practitioners and Issuing of Certificates of Conformity (CoC’s) for Natural Gas Installations

Never do gas work on piping, or appliances or equipment yourself, always use a registered Gas Practitioner.

Unregistered gas work is illegal and can be extremely dangerous resulting in serious injury or even death. Registered Gas Practitioners have the necessary experience, competency, equipment and system knowledge to do the necessary work safely.

Insurance companies may not cover fire or public liability claims caused by do-it-yourself or non-registered persons as the gas installations will be deemed illegal.

Using a registered Gas Practitioner

When using a Gas Practitioner you need to ensure:

  • The person is in possession of a licence issued by the registrar being the South African Qualifications and Certification Committee for Gas (SAQCC Gas)
  • The person issues the correct gas Certificate of Conformity to the user on completion of all gas installation work

This applies to all gas work on your property regardless of whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial property.

A Gas Practitioner is responsible for selective or all the work commencing at the gas meter outlet or reticulation main shut off valve and all the piping, safety and pressure accessories including the appliance/equipment downstream thereof.

If you notice something potentially dangerous or any of the following stop what you are doing and call a registered Gas Practitioner or your Gas Distributor immediately:

  • gas appliance/equipment burning incorrectly – e.g. yellow or uneven flames, pungent odours, black carbon soot, appliance going out regularly
  • visible damage to gas pipes
  • If you smell gas and you suspect it’s a gas leak, or are unsure, shut off the main valve of the gas system, phone the Gas Practitioner and or Gas Distributor of the gas to report the matter
  • The main natural gas distributors in South Africa being Sasol (Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KZN), Spring Lights Gas (KZN) and Egoli Gas (Gauteng) are responsible for work on the gas meter and the gas distribution and reticulation system.You can check if your Gas Practitioner is registered to work in South Africa and find a registered Gas Practitioner by searching the register of the South African Qualifications and Certification Committee for Gas (SAQCC Gas) at contact the registrar on 011 285 0038.

Receiving a Gas Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

A gas CoC is an assurance that:

  • the Gas Practitioner is appropriately registered
  • the work completed has been inspected and tested and is proven to be safe
  • the work complies with the requirements of South African legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Pressure Equipment Regulations and respective South African National Standards
  • the Gas Practitioner has officially informed you of the safety procedures with your gas installation
  • you have met your legal obligation to own a safe gas installation and have a permanent legal record for the job done

A gas CoC shall be provided to you after commissioning of the gas system but no later than 7 days of completion of the following gas work, but not limited to:

  • installing new gas pipe work
  • extending or repairing existing gas pipe work
  • installing new appliances/equipment – e.g. heaters, hot water units, stove tops, gas trains, burners
  • replacing an appliance/equipment
  • maintenance and or repair to the pipe work, equipment and pressure accessories
  • converting a gas system or appliance/equipment for use on another fuel, e.g. from LPG to natural gas or vice versa

The CoC needs to be signed by both the Gas Practitioner and the User to be valid.

Once your gas installation is in operation, the gas practitioner cannot withhold the CoC until the User has paid for the work done.

If you do not receive a gas CoC this could jeopardise your insurance if a gas-related incident subsequently causes fire or damage to the property or injury to a person.

N.B: If a Gas Practitioner fails to issue the User with a gas CoC, or refuses to do so, contact the SAGA office by calling on 011 4312016.

A good aspect to remember is that…”Safety Isn’t Negotiable“…, hereby ensuring the right things are done right the first time.

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