Keeping records of CoC issued for internal gas work done and providing those for reregistration and the reasons why

Gas practitioners working on company internal gas systems to provide completed CoCs as part of the gas practitioner’s portfolio of evidence covering past three years, which is not limited to the signing off by the gas practitioner but also includes the overseeing and or gas work done on own company’s internal gas systems by external contractors. It is imperative that gas practitioners build up their portfolio by keeping records of all gas work done so when applying for renewal of the gas licence the portfolio of evidence is reflective of the past three years ensuring efficient renewal of the gas licence. Failing to provide CoCs as supporting documentation may result in a shortcoming in the review process and delay in the renewal of the license. Only CoC’s issued within the three-year renewal period will be considered as proof of work done. CoC’s outside this period will be null and void for renewal purposes. Companies not using CoC’s to sign of gas work done, are compelled by regulations to ensure full implementation in the workplace by integrating within the company’s internal work processes.

CoC is a regulated document via the PER and provided to Gas Practitioners to issue to users for gas work done. CoC’s confirm historical and traceable work done on gas systems.

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