SAGA: Providing Completed CoC’s when exiting Company Employment for SAQCC Gas Re-registration

It has come to the attention of SAGA that when an employee exits current employment with a company, the company does not provide signed off CoC’s to the employee being the gas practitioner.

Reasons for not providing are understandable from a security of information perspective, nonetheless, it is imperative for the employee to include signed of CoC’s for work done while in the companies employ to be included in the employee’s Portolio Of Evidence (POE) for re-registration and record purposes.  Past 3 years’ experience can be provided based on the hard copy and/or new electronic CoC.

There is two options an employer can follow:

  1. Provide copies of signed off CoC’s to the employee, on exiting the company, for own inclusion to the POE, or
  2. Provide SAGA directly with the relevant signed off CoC’s for inclusion in the POE of the past employee seeking re-registration

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