Notice: Gas work undertaken in the Domestic/Commercial Natural Gas environment

Should a unauthorised (non-registered) person be allowed to negotiate a contractual agreement with the user/client? There have been instances reported where, after concluding contractual agreements with the end user, the unauthorised person constructs the gas installation and thereafter obtains the services of  a registered Gas Practitioner to sign off. The concern raised here is that the public is generally ignorant and full of trust and engages unknowingly in such arrangements. How is the public/user in […]

Gas Affordability

Published by Engineering News on behalf of SAGA: Apart from natural gas being a low carbon-dioxide-emitting, affordable carbon fuel source used globally, within the Southern African context, natural gas is used in domestic, commercial, industrial and specialised environments owing to the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PERs) established to ensure safety and good practice, states safety and efficient use of methane-based-gas promoter the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA). Established in South Africa in 2009, the PERs regulate natural […]