Notice: Gas work undertaken in the Domestic/Commercial Natural Gas environment

Should a unauthorised (non-registered) person be allowed to negotiate a contractual agreement with the user/client?

There have been instances reported where, after concluding contractual agreements with the end user, the unauthorised person constructs the gas installation and thereafter obtains the services of  a registered Gas Practitioner to sign off.

The concern raised here is that the public is generally ignorant and full of trust and engages unknowingly in such arrangements. How is the public/user in this regard protected against the evils of such practices when matters go wrong? There is recourse for the user via the Consumer Protection and Occupational Health and Safety Acts but how does this kind of practice sit with the public and how is this affecting the face value of the gas industry?

Should it then be that all persons doing gas work in the domestic/commercial natural gas environment need to comply to the PER Reg 17 (1) (c)  and be registered with the SAQCC Gas as a Gas Practitioner? This should then eliminate unauthorised persons from engaging in contractual agreements with users and through this mitigate risks for parties concerned.

Also, the solution is that a registered Gas Practitioner shall not sign off on gas installations undertaken by unauthorised persons, taking cognisance of the Gas Practitioner’s ”Code of Good Practice” which states, quote unquote…

  •  ‘’Undertake only those assignments which fall within my authorised level of registration and scope of work for which I am competent by virtue of training, experience and certification.’’
  • ‘’Sign only for work I have personally carried out or work supervised for which I have personal knowledge through direct technical control or supervision.’’

What do you as an industry role player propose to remedy or mitigate the domestic/commercial natural gas environment as to such practices? Forward your comments/suggestions to

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