After four years of planning, we have started the first independent meter verification Laboratory in Southern Africa. We are proud to introduce you to AMI (African measurement Institute) which is based in Wadeville Germiston.

AMI strives to be the independent specialist in South Africa in the field of metrology, offering services for testing, certification, verification and training on all types of gas meters. Metrology, the science of accurate measurement and an important factor in our daily lives. Manufacturers and end users can count on our test reports and certificates. In South Africa, we have to comply to the OIML 137 and OIML 140 on gas systems which is the basis of international standards.


Reliable measurement results, which form the basis for business, have a considerable impact on commercial trade. Before the manufacturer is allowed to sell measuring instruments like petrol pumps, scales, electricity meters or speed cameras, they have to be examined and certified by an independent party designated by the government, such as the Nation Regulator for Compulsory systems (NRCS).

AMI is currently in the application process for accreditation at the NRCS and SANAS (South African National Accreditation Services) to be the independent verification body for gas meters.


We have invested in a Dresser Roots prover from the US which can verify gas meters with a capacity up to 20 000 cubic feet per hour. This instrument can proof about 80% of all gas meters in Southern Africa. Received our accreditation from SANAS and NRCS will complete our phase one. Phase two will start during the first half of 2019 where we will set up calibration units for pressure transmitters and volume correctors.


To become the institution of choice for all gas measurement Metrology testing and verification in Africa


AMI is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient and principled customer service with the highest integrity and accountability using proven and innovative methods.

Delivering fast, reliable and accurate results for customer piece of mind.

Customers are welcome to contact us for meter verifications to be conducted on their internal meters.

We also have a meter workshop with qualified artisans to repair any faulty meter.

It can also be arranged to fetch the meter from site and supply a spool piece that will be placed in the position of the meter to ensure continuous flow of gas while the gas meter is in the laboratory for verification.

Our contact details are:

Address                                                                               Tel: 011 824 0569

Cnr Bristol and Leeds                                                      Email:

Wadeville                                                                            Email:

African Measurement Institute (AMI) is a member of the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA). For more information on SAGA, please visit or alternatively contact

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