The LNG Handbook

The US Department of Energy recently released a handbook which is designed to provide insight on the benefits African countries can derive from the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) resources on the continent, a number of African contributors had a hand in the compilation of this booklet. LNG exports are an important compound for economic growth in African countries. Natural gas and LNG development can enable economic development and stimulate further investment in national infrastructure.

This handbook is the result of an effort by a diverse group of global experts who created it in the hope that it can facilitate a shared understanding between government officials and companies about the technical, commercial and economic factors that will spur investment gas and power.

This handbook is intended to impact decision making with intent to develop natural gas. It does not promote any specific business model, but rather promotes better understanding of the stakeholders’ shared aims in developing natural gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects and opening markets for LNG trade.

The handbook comprises 243 pages, with numerous charts, tables and figures illustrating a number of chapters covering global and local markets, capacity building, pricing, financing, and risk management, amongst others.

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