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SAGA has a list of members varying from Manufacturers, Importers and Providers of methane-based gas, Distributors and Equipment installers or repairers. Our members will be pleased to know that the SAGA logo has been officially trademarked! This is great news for the association and those affiliated with it. However, what does this mean?

A trademark is a distinctive mark or symbol to which a company has declared ownership over. A registered trademark, however, is when the symbol has been registered with the government and all legal rights are bestowed upon the owner. For SAGA, this means that the association has legal rights over the SAGA Logo, it cannot be casually used by any other association or individual without the consent of the SAGA. This in turn protects the association and its members from any misrepresentations. Unauthorised parties who use the SAGA logo without authorisation can damage the association, its reputation and that of its members, when the logo is trademarked, they are often in a legally weak position and can be prevented from causing damage relatively easily.

With a trademarked logo, associations and individuals are deterred from using trademarks that are similar or identical to SAGA’s. Moreover, a trademarked logo can be found when others search the official register before choosing to commence using a particular name or logo. That in turn protects the uniqueness of the association.

Over and above, SAGA’s objectives are to develop skills, competency and ensure knowledge sharing amongst members as well as promote and maintain a high degree of technical expertise in personnel knowledge and equipment safety. The association aims to be an excellent pillar for its members and their respective businesses. By continuing to improve the name and image of the association, members will gain a lot of momentum from belonging to a prestigious association that can never be mimicked.

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